we're finally re-opening

in October!!!

with a few important changes of course!

- Newly Arranged Studio

- Plastic Surrounds on all Benches

- Camcorder/Big screen TV for demos

- Wall-mounted Touch-less Hand Sanitizers

- PPE (masks, wipes, gloves)

- 99.9% Disinfectant Spray

- UV Sanitizing Oven for small hand tools

- UV Sanitizing Wand for large equipment 

- Wipes at all stations

- Contactless Temperature Check before entering

- Contact Tracing log and all!

also please check our:

- Re-Opening plan

- terms & conditions

Let's focus on safely keeping the school alive for the beautiful community we create - TOGETHER! Thank You!

The school closed on Friday March 13th. Some students are due make-ups. I want to honor that in September before I open for regular classes in October.

This will be a trimmed down session (including no bench-time or community mealtime before class) to minimize transmission and allow ample time for disinfecting.


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