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Hudson Valley Silverworks provides a rich educational learning experience with a strong emphasis on quality craftsmanship.  

Which class is right for You?

The importance of a solid foundation cannot be stressed enough. It is the most critical time to explore the basics. Learning fundamental skills with an understanding of why  helps to set you on a path that will enable future knowledge to be absorbed more fully and quickly.

WEEKLY CLASSES are ideal for beginners, allowing more time to digest all the information as well as those seeking a "slow and steady" approach.

The new 3 Tier Program is designed to get you "off the ground running" in a logical sequence. By the end of the program expect to have a broad understanding of jewelry and silversmithing approaches as well as an increased knowledge of how to take your pursuit further. 

Independent Study and Hone Your Skills are intended for students with a wide range of basic skills looking to enhance and perfect their studies while continuing to learn new techniques.

WEEKEND WORKSHOPS are perfect for students interested in more specific techniques and offer a broad selection of topics for all skill levels. It's also a convenient solution for people who can't commit to weekly sessions, offering mini versions of the 6 week program.

3 Tier Program for the Beginners

"Wrap Around Scheduling" makes planning ahead easy!

No need to change your schedule to fit the new class topic. 

Register for Basic 101 at your desired time slot. The next session will be bumped up to Basic 2, the third session will become Basic 3.  

Basic 101 - “Foundations”

Start here if you want a clear, concise and in-depth knowledge of basic jewelry making techniques. Learn how to use hand tools to cut, texture and file, hammers to forge and form, torches to solder and machines to drill, sand and polish. There will be a number of demonstrations with hands-on bench-time to cement the knowledge. The wide range of topics covered will give you a solid foundation to set you out on your educational path with confidence. Learn how to recognize quality craftsmanship in the pieces you currently own or want to buy. The skills acquired in jewelry making come in handy on many levels, even fixing and altering things!

Basic 2 - “Textures and Stones”

Thirsting for more knowledge? This is the perfect class to expand upon the techniques you learned in Basic 101. A variety of surface treatments will be explored including stamping, hammering, roller-printing and reticulation as well as discussion about marriage of metals and patinas. In addition, cabochon stones can be added using a variety of bezel setting methods. The project of separate components that can be linked together allows each segment to be treated differently, enhancing the learning experience.

Basic 3 - “Get Dimensional”

Shift your focus to a more sculptural approach and discover more in depth knowledge of how to move metal. Sheet and wire can be manipulated in amazing ways! Bend, stretch, form, construct, fabricate, score, deck and forge pieces of jewelry and functional objects. Learn the basics of forging by hammering heavy wire to stretch it, learn to form and dap sheet to create bracelet and bowl shapes and to score and bend sharp corners to produce box forms. Students are encouraged to sample a variety of techniques and combine them in more significant pieces of their imagination.

Writing as a metaphor for learning and creativity:

- Learn the alphabet

- Spell a word

- Form a sentence

- Compose a paragraph

- Construct a chapter

- Write a book.

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