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August 2019
Listed Chronologically

 -- Please sign up 1 week in advance to secure your spot --

Sun          8/4                                                         Filework Rings

(Lissa Queeney)

A technique used by some knife makers, filework can enhance your rings, bracelets, or thick walled bezels. Traditionally used on the spine of the blade of a folding knife, this technique adds interest and originality to an ordinary piece. We start out making a band out of square wire, and use filework to take away portions of metal. This technique can be symmetrical, or freeform depending on your whim. Using small files, sawing, and refining the design will open up a whole new world of ideas.

Tuition: $100

Lab Fee: $5

Materials: Students may bring their own or purchase from the school :

Filework 2.jpg

Sat                           8/10           Loop-in-Loop Chain Making 1

(Raychel Wengenroth)

Byzantine style Etruscan chains date back to antiquity and are still made by hand to this day. Students will learn the basics of taking fine silver wire and wrapping it around a dowel to make a coil, cutting it into individual links that are fused closed using a torch, shaping and then assembling a variety of different chains. We will focus on learning the various “stitches” allowing students to continue their studies at home. This technique requires very minimal equipment and the results are professional quality chains that impress everyone and are truly a labor of love. Caution: Extremely addictive!

Skill level: No experience necessary, Good eyesight is!

Tuition: $100

Lab Fee: $5

Materials: 20’ Fine Silver Wire (market price, approximately $35)

Students may bring their own or purchase from the school 


Sat                    8/17                                                  Sand Casting

(Hannah Wilson)

Cast jewelry allows the artist to create a wider range of shapes and forms than constructed jewelry might tolerate.  During this sand-casting intensive, you will learn how to create a mold, pore in molten silver creating a one-of-a-kind pendant or ring. You can even use the mold to cast multiples of the same piece! This workshop will cover the basics of sand-casting. All skill levels welcome!

Skill Level: No Experience Necessary

Tuition: $100

Lab Fee: $15

Materials: Sterling sold by weight/market price in class or bring your                       own clean scrap (no contaminants including solder)

Cutting the sprue channel.jpg
Ready to pour.jpg

Sun                    8/18                             Calder Style Connections

(Lisa Spiros)

This workshop is an overview of mechanical connections inspired by the works of the great American engineer and sculptor Alexander Calder.

Students will learn how to make and incorporate wire, tube and flush rivets and hinges, link systems, wrapping and coiling as a practical means of assembling work components. Clasps and closures will also be covered. (Some techniques may require soldering)

Tuition: $100

Lab Fee: $15

Materials: $20.

 Cold Connections image copy.jpeg

Sat          8/24              Intro to Lampwork Glass Bead Making

(Stephanie Maddalena)

Create unique, individualized glass beads to incorporate into your jewelry pieces.  Lampwork glass beads are made with melted glass and shaped to fabricate beautiful one of a kind beads. In this workshop students will learn the basics of lampworking, making beads decorated with flower designs, silver foil, copper leaf and layers of glass designs.

Skill Level: No Experience Necessary

Tuition: $120

Lab Fee: $30

Materials: Included

Lampwork image-jpeg.jpg

Sun                8/25                                      Wax Working Basics

(Raychel Wengenroth)

Casting dates back to the bronze age and is still used today, although there have been many advances since then. This class will focus on the wax aspect of the process. Learn how to carve, file, melt and manipulate to create designs for rings, pendants, pins and earrings. The wax can be cast into the metal of your choice (including sterling, gold. platinum, brass or bronze) in a variety of ways, including sand casting. Casting is an excellent way to explore jewelry making without investing (pun intended) a lot of time or material in the process.

Skill Level: No experience necessary.

Tuition: $100

Lab Fee: $5

Materials: $15

Ring waxes.jpg
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