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10:00 - 4:00
April 2018
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to avoid cancellation due to insufficient enrollment

4/21 & 22 - Sat&Sun           Basic 101 - Jewelry Foundations

(Raychel Wengenroth)

Immerse yourself in this fast paced course on the basic tools & techniques used in making jewelry. Demonstrations will be plentiful with hands-on bench-time to cement the knowledge. Sawing, drilling, texturing, filing, sanding, polishing and basic soldering techniques will make time fly. Students can expect to complete 2 projects, a flat pendant or keyring out of sheet metal and a simple ring. Learn to recognize quality craftsmanship in the pieces you currently own or want to buy. The skills acquired in jewelry making come in handy on many levels, even fixing and altering things! This workshop is perfect for those interested in taking more advanced classes requiring basic skills.

Skill level: No experience necessary

Tuition: $200

Lab Fee: $10

Materials: $20

4/28 - Sat                                                     Forged Cuff Bracelet

(Raychel Wengenroth)

The ancient art of cold forging involves stretching metal with controlled hammer blows against an anvil or stake. Topics covered include: properties of non-ferrous metals, types of hammers and when to use them, how to make the metal move where you want it to, plus a variety of related demonstrations. A cuff bracelet is a great way to learn these basic techniques in a single project you'll walk out wearing with pride. Copper is provided.

Skill level: No experience necessary (but it's helpful)

Tuition: $100

Lab Fee: $5

Materials: $10

4/29 - Sun                                                     Thick Walled Bezels

(Lissa Queeney)

Confident with making bezels and want to make them more dramatic? Learning how to make a thick walled bezel can expand the look and weight of your work. This workshop features different thicknesses of bezels, how to decorate them, and how to set your stones with a hammer hand-piece. You can concentrate on a stone you love, or practice on separate stones of varying sizes. Whichever style you choose, this class is for those of us who love stones, and love setting them in interesting ways.

Skill Level: Intermediate (including soldering)

Tuition: 100.

Lab Fee: 10.

Materials: Students may bring their own (or purchase in class)

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