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Donations Gladly Accepted

During these strange times many of us face financial difficulties, including small businesses and artists like me.

The school closed (mid-session) on March 13th. It's been 7 months and the overhead still needed to be paid.


I didn't qualify for PPP because I have no employees, only independent contractors. I did secure a loan that needs to be paid back. The only problem is...with no income for 7+ months how will I manage that? The loan is exhausted and payments begin soon.

I'm re-opening in September to honor make-up classes but students already paid so again, no income, making it 8 months (3/4 of a year) without income. 

Many people have suggested a "Go Fund Me" page to help my school but it just seems wrong to ask for help in that way, especially considering I'm not alone in needing assistance.

I guess it never hurts to ask. If you're in a position to support others and feel HVS is an asset to our community and want to help it survive I'll gladly accept donations with gratitude. 



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