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Weekend Workshops

March 2024

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Simple Silver Rings

Sat         3/2        10:00 - 4:00

(Raychel Wengenroth)

Feel the excitement and pride of making a beautifully polished ring from start to finish. Using sterling silver wire, students will cut, file, solder, hammer, sand and polish a ring. This is a perfect workshop for people who already make jewelry using beads & components, but haven’t worked with more advanced techniques in a fully equipped studio. This class will open a window to the possibilities of working with metal and also put a ring on it!

Skill Level: No experience necessary

Tuition: $125

Lab Fee: $10

Materials: $15


Intro to Lampwork Glass Bead Making

Sat          3/9       10:00 - 4:00

(Stephanie Maddalena)

Create unique, individualized glass beads to incorporate into your jewelry pieces.  Lampwork glass beads are made with melted glass and shaped to fabricate beautiful one of a kind beads. In this workshop students will learn the basics of lampworking, making beads decorated with flower designs, silver foil, copper leaf and layers of glass designs.

Skill Level: No Experience Necessary

Tuition: $140

Lab Fee: $35

Materials: Included


 Charles Lewton-Brain is coming to HVS!

--- Register early to study with this incredible artist/educator ---

Bench Tricks for Goldsmiths - Lecture

Mon       3/11    6:00 - 9:00

(Charles Lewton-Brain)

If you are interested in homemade tools and bench tricks to speed your production or understanding of goldsmithing this workshop is for you. A loose, eclectic collection of invention principles, short cuts, bench tricks, stonesetting and polishing hints and alternative equipment options for goldsmiths representing decades of goldsmithing tricks gathered together. Cheap tool making, jewellers secrets and unexpected sources for tools are described. Many are described in Lewton-Brain’s book Cheap Thrills in the Toolshop and his Bench Tricks Downloads.

Skill Level: No experience necessary

Tuition: $85.

bur stands long view.jpg

Foldforming Overview

Tues & Wed   3/12-13    9:00 - 5:00

(Charles Lewton-Brain)

This workshop is an overview of the whole system. Foldforming is a new, rapid, easily learned way of shaping sheet metal with hand tools. It is a compositional system of metal forming that emphasizes forming using the metals characteristics. Rather than forcing form upon the material forms are derived from the natural plasticity, ductility and elasticity of the metal. An original invention, it is internationally recognized as a new approach to working metal. Developed steadily since 1980, many schools teach it and thousands of people use the methods. Shaping is extremely efficient and fast (many radical changes in cross section and surface can be made in 3-5 minutes). Tools are simple; fingers, hands, hammers, mallets, anvils and rolling mills. Complex high relief forms are produced from single sheets of metal often with a single annealing. These shapes resemble chased, constructed and soldered forms. The techniques work with all metals and are applicable for jewellery, holloware, sculpture, enamelling, anodizing etc.

Skill Level: No Experience Necessary

Tuition: 450.

Lab Fee: 15.



Keum-boo Demonstration

Wed       3/13     6:00 - 9:00

This demo shows how to easily hot burnish 24K gold foil onto silver objects. This incredibly simple designing technique was re-introduced to the West from Korea in the last thirty years. It lets you apply thin 24 k yellow gold shapes onto silver sheet to be used for later construction or forging, onto finished silver objects, on any gold alloy, platinum and palladium and even steel. The white silver/gold alloy Electrum can be used the same way and with liver of sulfur provides options for yellow, white and black on the same silver object. This is a really rapid, easy cost effective method of adding the richness of 24k gold to silver and gold objects.  Other metals work as well as a base to apply the gold to. 

Skill Level: No Experience Necessary

Tuition: $85.

Register for all 3 for 600.
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