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November 2019
Listed Chronologically
*unless otherwise indicated*

 -- Please sign up 1 week in advance to secure your spot --

Sat                     11/2        Precious Metal Clay-Basics and Beyond

(Elke Hekler)                                                                Blue Room

PMC is an exciting metal clay which can enable you to create your own unique “pure  jewelry with simple tools!  You will begin with a lump of PMC3 fine silver clay that can be rolled, cut, shaped, coiled, imprinted with rubber or texture stamps, pressed into molds with heat resistant stone added and made into fine silver earrings, pendants, beads, charms and more.  After drying and firing you will have a fine silver piece. If desired it can be added or worked together with traditional metal smithing techniques.  In this class you will learn the basics, then your creativity will take you beyond.

Skill Level: No Experience Necessary

Tuition: 100.

Lab Fee: 5.

Materials: TBD - Payable to the Instructor

Full Enrollment


Sun                   11/3       "Stone on Stone" Setting Techniques

(Lissa Queeney)                                                                       Blue Room

Learn to create a design in stone that is uniquely yours.  Stone on stone setting is a technique that you can use to expand your skills. Bezel set a stone on top of a stone. With this technique you can use multiple gems to enhance your designs.   This class will teach you to drill into stone and add a bezeled gem to create a three-dimensional piece.  This fun technique expands your expertise, adds color and stretches your creativity. 

Skill level: Basic-Intermediate  skills including soldering. Basic knowledge of bezel setting a plus. 

Tuition: $100

Lab Fee: $5

Materials: To Be Determined


Sat                    11/9                                                Sand Casting

(Hannah Wilson)                                                                    Blue Room

Cast jewelry allows the artist to create a wider range of shapes and forms than constructed jewelry might tolerate.  During this sand-casting intensive, you will learn how to create a mold, pore in molten silver creating a one-of-a-kind pendant or ring. You can even use the mold to cast multiples of the same piece! This workshop will cover the basics of sand-casting. All skill levels welcome!

Skill Level: No Experience Necessary

Tuition: $100

Lab Fee: $15

Materials: Sterling sold by weight/market price in class or bring your                       own clean scrap (no contaminants including solder)


Sat          11/23           Intro to Lampwork Glass Bead Making

(Stephanie Maddalena)                                                           Blue Room

Create unique, individualized glass beads to incorporate into your jewelry pieces.  Lampwork glass beads are made with melted glass and shaped to fabricate beautiful one of a kind beads. In this workshop students will learn the basics of lampworking, making beads decorated with flower designs, silver foil, copper leaf and layers of glass designs.

Skill Level: No Experience Necessary

Tuition: $120

Lab Fee: $30

Materials: Included


More Workshops Coming Soon!

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