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Introduction To Kaleidoscope Making!

Saturday May 4 - 9:00 - 5:00

Sunday May 5 - 10:00 - 4:00

Sandra Wolfe Christie

This class will teach the basic skills necessary to make and design kaleidoscopes. The outside of a kaleidoscope can incorporate almost any medium. In this workshop we will be working in brass and copper but will focus on how the inner workings so artists will be able to apply this knowledge to their medium going forward. We’ll look at different types of scopes and what collectors are looking for when they evaluate kaleidoscopes. Students will learn how kaleidoscopes work. How they are constructed and techniques used to assemble them. They will learn to prepare all the components such as cutting copper and brass tubing, cutting and assembling mirror configurations and how different mirror configurations affect what you see when you look into the scope. We’ll be cutting and grinding and torchworking glass for amazing and unique optics, as well as etching for adding texture and style to your copper or brass kaleidoscope case. Students can expect to leave this two-day workshop with one fully finished and working kaleidoscope ...or possibly 2.

Tuition: 295.

Lab Fee: 20.

Materials: Average $40 - $60 per kaleidoscope depending on components used.

                      Payable in class

Skill Level: Hands on experience is helpful but not necessary. However, a willingness to experiment and have fun is mandatory! Minimum age 18.

Sandra Christie Kaleidoscope Samples-jpe
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