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June 2019
Listed Chronologically
*Unless Indicated*

 -- Please sign up 1 week in advance to avoid cancellation --

Sun                           6/2                                Simple Silver Rings

*Noon - 4:00*

(Raychel Wengenroth)                                                             Blue Room

Feel the excitement and pride of making a beautifully polished ring from start to finish. Using sterling silver wire, students will cut, file, solder, hammer, sand and polish a ring. This is a perfect mini workshop for people who already make jewelry using beads & components, but haven’t worked with more advanced techniques in a fully equipped studio. This short class will open a window to the possibilities of working with metal and also put a ring on it!

Skill Level: No experience necessary

Tuition: $65

Lab Fee: $10

Materials: $15


Sat                           6/8                                           Resin Regalia

(Hannah Wilson)                                                                     Blue Room

Explore the applications of resin in jewelry by experimenting with resin molds as well as fabricating either a pendant or a ring with resin set in the metal construction.  Bring objects to set in resin, scraps of wood, flowers, odds and ends, doodads or anything you think might look good in resin! (the smaller the object the better, be creative and bring options!) 

All skill levels welcome!

Skill level: No experience necessary.

Tuition: $100

Lab Fee: $5


resin cabs.jpg

Sat                           6/15           Loop-in-Loop Chain Making 1

(Raychel Wengenroth)                                                         Green Room

Byzantine style Etruscan chains date back to antiquity and are still made by hand to this day. Students will learn the basics of taking fine silver wire and wrapping it around a dowel to make a coil, cutting it into individual links that are fused closed using a torch, shaping and then assembling a variety of different chains. We will focus on learning the various “stitches” allowing students to continue their studies at home. This technique requires very minimal equipment and the results are professional quality chains that impress everyone and are truly a labor of love. Caution: Extremely addictive!

Skill level: No experience necessary, Good eyesight is!

Tuition: $100

Lab Fee: $5

Materials: 20’ Fine Silver Wire (market price, approximately $35)

Students may bring their own or purchase from the school 


Sat-Sun                6/22 - 23                 Basic 101 - Foundations

(Raychel Wengenroth)                                                           Blue Room

Immerse yourself in this fast paced course on the basic tools & techniques used in making jewelry. Demonstrations will be plentiful with hands-on bench-time to cement the knowledge. Sawing, drilling, texturing, filing, sanding, polishing and basic soldering techniques will make time fly. Students can expect to complete 2 projects, a flat pendant or keyring out of sheet metal and a simple ring. Learn to recognize quality craftsmanship in the pieces you currently own or want to buy. The skills acquired in jewelry making come in handy on many levels, even fixing and altering things! This workshop is perfect for those interested in taking more advanced classes requiring basic skills.

Skill level: No experience necessary

Tuition: $200

Lab Fee: $10

Materials: $20


Sun                              6/23                                   Filework Rings

(Lissa Queeney)                                                                       Green Room

A technique used by some knife makers, filework can enhance your rings, bracelets, or thick walled bezels. Traditionally used on the spine of the blade of a folding knife, this technique adds interest and originality to an ordinary piece. We start out making a band out of square wire, and use filework to take away portions of metal. This technique can be symmetrical, or freeform depending on your whim. Using small files, sawing, and refining the design will open up a whole new world of ideas.

Skill level: Basic 101

Tuition: $100

Lab Fee: $10

Materials: Students may bring their own or purchase from the school.

Filework rings class.jpg

Sat                         6/29             Introduction to Etching Metal

*10:00 - 5:00*

(Sandra Wolfe Christie)                                                          Blue Room

Etching enables you to create endless designs in metal using a chemical process, by selectively removing metal using salt/acids. In this Introduction to Etching Workshop, we’ll explore numerous techniques to apply your designs and artwork to brass and copper sheet to be etched. We will review methods of creating your design directly on the metal as well as methods for transferring designs. Using a salt-based etching solution makes etching a healthier process then it historically has been.

Etching is easy, fun and exceptionally gratifying! No previous experience required.

Tuition: $135

Lab Fee: $20

Materials: $10

Skill Level: Hands on experience is helpful but not necessary. However, a willingness to experiment and have fun is mandatory! Minimum age 18.

Intro to Etching Sample Board.jpg
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