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September 2021
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Due to COVID-19 a maximum of 6 students are permitted per class


- Masks are once again Required at all times when inside the studio.

- Proof of Vaccination will be mandatory for all students, faculty and assistants.

Sun         9/19              10:00 - 4:00

Cluster Earrings

(Estyn Hulbert)

Make a pair of sensuous chain Cluster earrings. Large or small, using pearls, gemstones or findings, you can customize your own unique pair. Using only simple hand tools you’ll learn to work with wire and chain to make these sophisticated fringed earrings. 

Skill level: No experience necessary but good eyesight or magnifying eye wear is.

Tuition: $100

Lab Fee: $5

Materials: Available for purchase from instructor - cost varies depending on size and materials used. 


Sun         9/26              10:00 - 4:00

Finishing Intensive

(Raychel Wengenroth)

This workshop is for students who have basic skills but want a concise understanding of how to complete professional quality pieces.  Learn a variety of techniques (both hand & machine) to de-sprue, grind, file, sand, tumble, satin finish, texture and polish to bring your designs to life. "Clean up" can make or break a piece; a beautiful design can lose appeal if fine craftsmanship isn't applied, a plain design can be exquisite with attention to detail. Demystify the range of finishing options by hand (files, sandpaper) or machine (belt sander, polishing machine, tumbler and the incredible versatility of the flexible shaft). Depletion gilding, antiquing and texturing will also be discussed.

Skill Level: Basic 101 or equivalent

Tuition: $100

Lab Fee: $10

Materials: Bring castings, any unfinished pieces you might have, or use scrap metal to experiment with the techniques. 

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